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    Testing report 4

    This report describes the Temperature Mapping study of a “123coolbox” shipping container as described under “section 5, System Description”. This report outlines the study aim, which was to establish through thermal evaluation that the 123coolbox shipping container maintains temperature within the customer’s pre-defined required limits of 15-25°C. It will provide documented evidence that the performance of the container meets pre-determined acceptance criteria. 
    This will be achieved by examining the thermal characteristics of the container over a minimum period of 120 hours. The container will be loaded with 10 litre canisters of water, placed inside an environmental chamber and subjected to a multi-temperature profile. These contents act as a dummy load and will be preconditioned to 17-18°C. Temperature data loggers will be positioned inside the unit with data logging frequency set at five minute intervals. The purpose is to ensure that temperature was maintained within the following limits, with no unexplained excursions: 
    123coolbox Shipping Container Operating Limits: Maintain internal temperature at 15 to 25°C